Peroxigard™ Concentrate Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer – 1gal

Peroxigard™ Concentrate Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer – 1gal

EPA – N List
Ready-to-use disinfectant and deodorizer that cleans like
no other!
With the power to kill severe pathogens like Parvovirus, Peroxigard remains gentle on users, animals, & equipment.
It works great on vinyl, sealed concentrate, plastic, stainless steel, and surfaces associated with floors, ceilings, & walls.
It is designed to be gentle on hard non-porous surfaces while achieving broad-spectrum disinfection.
It cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one step and works in 5 mins.
Safe to Us
Simple to Deploy
90-day shelf life
One-step cleaner disinfectant

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